3 Tips For Working As Someone’s Personal Assistant

If you’re considering starting a job working as a personal assistant, there are a few things you should know about these kinds of positions so that you can prove yourself to be a great asset very early on. 

To help you see just what you can do to find success in this type of career, here are three tips for working as someone’s personal assistant. 

Find Effective Ways To Stay Organized

One of the biggest jobs of a personal assistant is helping their boss stay organized. Generally, people who want and need personal assistants are people who have so much going on that they can’t effectively manage everything on their own. While this sometimes includes celebrities or people with very tight schedules, it can also include elderly people in senior living facilities who need an extra set of eyes and hands on their daily lives. 

As you start to get to know the details of the life of your boss, you’ll need to find effective ways that you can stay organized and keep them on track. Depending on what works best for you and what kinds of things you’re needing to help your boss with, you might want to employ things like taking notes, setting up a filing system, and using a digital calendar that you’re able to share with any relevant people to make sure that you and everyone else involved in your boss’s life are able to stay abreast of what’s going on. 

Learn To Have Thick Skin

When you’re working very closely with someone, especially if your job involves doing things that your boss isn’t very great at handling on their own, there are bound to be times where their stress about this topic causes them to last out at you. Additionally, if things go wrong somewhere, even if it isn’t your fault, you might find yourself in the line of fire. And while treating you badly is never okay, recognizing that this kind of thing might happen can help make your life and your job a little bit easier.

As you learn that mistakes and mishaps with your job aren’t personal attacks on you and rather your boss just being frustrated about what’s going on around the both of you, you’ll be better able to move forward together even after one or both of you have a bad day. 

Become Proactive

Something that can be a huge asset to you as a personal assistant is if you’re able to master the skills of being proactive. 

While anyone can react to things that are going on around them and execute on tasks that their boss gives them, great personal assistants can see what needs to be done and take care of those things before they even become an issue. So if you’re not already great at this, learning how to be more proactive can be a great place to focus your efforts as a personal assistant. 

If you think you could be a great personal assistant for someone, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you thrive in this type of career.